We are more than shipping.

LamboMove is an innovative last-mile delivery platform.
The limits are gone. LamboMove is here to create opportunities for you powered by our world leading software. We are a smart platform for logistics network transcending supply chains and economies while providing a more effective logistic model.

We bring unique value to our customers through our innovative technology solutions by simplifying the heavy process of shipping.

Driven by AI technology, we can sort out the shortest route and the fastest delivery time to optimise the delivery process and customize for your business needs. We help you to scale the growth of your business operations to maximize your profit

LamboMove Sdn Bhd is a last-mile logistics company, providing reliable and quick deliveries for customers and powering business with innovative solutions. We revolutionise the industry by optimizing the shortest route to maximise the revenue. Local deliveries can be fulfilled within the same day and satisfy the demand from door to door. We help our partners to achieve additional revenue and providing them the world class technology to optimise existing operations.